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Past Speakers


    Amy Sissala - Senior Print Engineer, Stratasys
            "Introduction to 3D Printing"
    Dr. Michael McAlpine - Benjamin Mayhugh Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Univ. of Minnesota
            "3D Printing of Functional Materials and Devices"

    Matthew Linder - Autonomous Solutions Researcher, Vision Systems Intelligence- VSI
            "The Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Autonomous Driving"
    Jay Hietpas, Director, MnDOT Office of Traffic, Safety and Technology
            "Autonomous Bus Technology"

    Mike Nowak - CIO Ultilimarc
            "The Rise of Virtual Reality"
    Mehdi Mekni - St Cloud State University
            "From Virtual Reality to Augmented Reality: Opportunities and Challenges"

    Michael Finegan - Technical Design Consultant, Multi-Tech Systems, Inc.
            "The Internet of Things (IofT)"
    Noah Korba - Senior Manager, Global IT Security Infrastructure, Forensics and Incident Response teams, General Mills
            "Recent Trends in the Cyber Security Threat Landscape"

    Dr. Richard Danila, Ph.D, M.P.H - Deputy State Epidemiologist, Minnesota Department of Health
            "Emergence of Infectious Diseases In the Last 20 Years"
    Marc Roe - Technical Services Specialist, 3M Company
            "Protecting Workers During Infectious Disease Outbreaks: The Challenges"

    Dr. Alexander Khoruts - Associate Professor of Medicine, Division of Gastroenterology, Center for Immunology, University of Minnesota
            "From Stool Transplants to Microbiota as a Novel Class of Therapeutics"
    Dr. Donald Dengel - Director of the Human Performance Core and Densitometry Services, Clinical and Translational Science Institute, University of Minnesota:
            "New Ideas on Diagnostic Testing for Traumatic Brain Injury" (Slide Presentation)

    Jian-Ping Wang - Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Minnesota
            "Novel Iron-Nitrogen Permanent Magnet Technology"
    Matt Jore - Core Motion, Inc.
            "Novel Wind Turbine Technology"

    Pam Stewart - 3M Company:
            "The Leahy-Smith America Invents Act: New Rules for U.S. Patents and What They Mean for Industry and Inventors"
    Marie Johnson - AUM Cardiovascular, Inc.:
            "Wisdom in innovation: lessons from General Motors, the University of Minnesota and AUM Cardiovascular"

    Katsumi Matsumoto - Associate Professon, University of Minnesota:
            "The Science of Global Warming: Often Confused But Actually Clear" (Slide Presentation)
    J. Drake Hamilton - Science Policy Director, Fresh Energy:
            "Global Warming Mitigation and Adaptation Options"

    Jim Turnure - Excel Energy:
            "Clean Energy Technology 2010"
    Scott Stephens - U.S. Department of Energy:
            "The Promise of Photovoltaic Technologies"

    Ron Voelker - MnDOT - Retired:
            "The Old 35W Bridge" (Slide Presentation)
    Peter Sanderson - Project Manager, Flatiron Corp.:
            "The New 35W Bridge" (Slide Presentation)

    Robert Gehrz - University of Minnesota:
            "Infrared Astronomy with NASA's New Spitzer Space Telescope"
    Robert Pepin - University of Minnesota:

    Frank Armatis - 3M:
            "Nanotechnology In Consumer Products"
    Mark Obrovac - 3M:
            "Lithium-Ion Batteries" (Slide Presentation)

    Dick Hemmingsen - University of Minnesota:
            "Biological Energy Sources and Minnesota Based R&D"
    John Goodman - Entegris Corporation:
            "Fuel Cells and the Potential Hydrogen Energy Future" (Slide Presentation)

    Vincent Chow - Optobionics:
            "Artificial Retina"
    Arthur Coury - Genzyme Corporation:
            "Advanced Biomaterials"

    Donald McClure - 3M Company:
            "Web Coating for Fun and Profit"
    William Smyth - 3M Company:
            "Displaying the Future"

    Prof. David Shores - University of Minnesota:
            "Corrosion, You've Got to Love It"
    Don Deal - Seagate:
            "Corrosion and Cleaning in Magnetic Read/Write Head Manufacturing"

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